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Feel like dressing up? This season, it all starts with a great outfit and fabulous accessories.
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Trendy Chic

This season, opposites attract. Refine your romantic edge by using 'hard' and 'soft' pieces.

The overall concept: your flirtiest dress paired with your toughest leather jacket. The result? An updated look to both pieces. Whether you're feeling romantic or a little bit edgy, this look is for you.

Transform your dark eyes with FreshLook ColorBlends? True Sapphire.Change your light eyes with flirty FreshLook Dimensions ? Pacific Blue.

Sweet Florals

Your inspiration: Marc Jacobs. For the Gatsby girl at heart: pretty, 1920s-inspired sundresses in small prints and chiffon fabrics.

How to wear it: A floral dress is inherently sweet, but it doesn't have to be saccharine. This season, deconstructed fabric edges and slashed hems give a more individual look, and daintier prints are grown-up feminine.

Try adding a cardigan

Where to shop: Maggy London dress, $128, Macy's East.

Evening Shine

Your inspiration: Louis Vuitton.

Colors and fabrics usually associated with the fall (gold, velvet) make surprising spring cameos.

How to wear it: Designers intended for these shimmery fabrics to be worn by day, but I recommend saving this super-glam look for after dark. Wear with jewel tones and metallics (no black — it looks too hard-edged).

Where to shop: Mark Montano top, $195, Mark Montano, NYC, 212-505-0325. Necessary Objects by Ady Gluck-Frankel, $58, select Bloomingdale's, select Macy's. Glamour is back and vintage looks are hot, inspired by old Hollywood glamour. The key to spicing up any outfit is accessorizing. Look for jeweled clutches, vintage brooches -- anything old is new again! Don't forget to belt your outfit - it's a cinch. Belts come in many sizes and shapes - choose one that accentuates your waist. As easy as it is to change your accessories, you can change your eyes and transform your entire appearance.


Fur is back and Normaler than ever. And if real fur isn't for you, there are many fake fur options available.

The look: think Hitchcock heroine with a twist: a short fur jacket (cinched at the waist of course) with a slim pencil skirt and sleek accessories.

Feeling glamorous and adventurous? Furs come in every color - indigo, fuchsia, purple - get inspired. Or for just a touch of glamour, choose a hat and gloves, or go with a jacket with a fur collar.

Your eye color can match your glamorous mood. Feeling adventurous? Then choose a more daring eye color. Dark eyes go for FreshLook ColorBlends? Amethyst Light eyes go for FreshLook Dimensions? Caribbean Aqua.

Work Chic

Your inspiration: Chanel.

Try textured pieces (like bouclé) in feminine shades: professional and ladylike but not at all uptight.

How to wear it: The new tweeds are lightweight (so more body-friendly). The trick to the look here is proportion: Keep your dress shorter or the same length as your coat and both bouclé pieces should be sleek, not boxy.

Where to shop: Banana Republic coat, $248, Arden B. dress, $98, for stores.

Sporty Stuff

Your inspiration: Gucci.

Calling all jocks — or not. The new weekend wear is sporty, sophisticated and still comfy.

How to wear it: Give your velour jumpsuit a breather. The new casual look is all about contrasting styles — track pants with a structured jacket and (adios, sneakers) heels.

Tip: Stick to nonvarsity colors.

Where to shop: Reilly Olmes jacket 212-221-2331 for stores. Paper Denim & Cloth t-shirt, $50, Bloomingdale?s nationwide. Bebe pants, $64,; 877-232-3777.

Weekend Style

Your inspiration: Calvin Klein.

This season, spruce up your weekend casual look. No more sweatpants-this new look will give you a polished appearance no matter what your weekend plans.

Pair casual pants with a button down shirt or sweater - it's easy, comfortable and looks good.

Where to shop: Calvin Klein cardigan, $165, select Macy's West. Calvin Klein shirt, $115, select Bloomingdale's. Calvin Klein pants, $125, select Nordstrom.


What can be more classic than black and white? This season, wear black and white the new way, pair modern, graphic patterns with sleek pieces, like cigarette pants or pointed or rounded toe flats. Add some black and white bracelets and the look is complete.

Bright Colors

Your inspiration: Lanvin. If you can wear it, chances are it comes in one of spring's bold hues. Dresses, shoes, bags they've all been color-dipped.

How to wear it: Color shy? A pair of shoes in a bright shade will wake up your entire wardrobe. But try on a slinky satin dress in a color this vivid and you'll be a convert for life. Wear with bright or neutral accessories.

Where to shop: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, $224, Smack, Chicago, IL, 773-327-2008.

The New Silhouette

Your inspiration: Prada. Reminiscent of the 1950s, but this modern take on the small top and full skirt is more sophisticated.

How to wear it: Pair a just-below-the-knee circle skirt with a fitted tank or blouse. Add nonfussy accessories like a sleek tote and classic pumps and voila!

Where to shop: Ann Taylor shirt, $59, 800-342-5266 for stores. Pamela Brown skirt, $218, select Parisian stores.

The Palm Beach Look

Your inspiration: Celine. A little preppy, a lot of fun — bold colors and exotic palm prints will liven up your casual look.

How to wear it: Yes, you can pull off printed pants — just make sure they're slim-cut. Pair with a simple white tee (we like a boatneck) and gold accessories for just a bit of that P.B. flash.

Where to shop: Michael Stars shirt, $32, for stores; 877-782-7833; Michael Stars, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, CA. Tracy Reese pants, $150, select Nordstrom; for stores.